Friday, February 27, 2015

Cold Moon: The Movie

I came across some exciting news today: Cold Moon Over Babylon is being adapted for the screen! The director is Griff Furst who cowrote the screenplay with Jack Snyder. It will star Josh Stewart, Christopher Lloyd, Robbie Kay, Candy Clark, Frank Whaley, Rachele Brooke Smith, Laura Cayouette and Sarah Catherine. Filming is soon underway in Louisiana.

Here's the report from Variety.

More news as it becomes available. For now, you can add Cold Moon: The Movie on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. It's about time one of McDowell's novels was turned into a film. His books are indeed very cinematic, and Cold Moon is definitely one of his scariest and most intense, imo (along with The Elementals). And heck yeah, Christopher Lloyd! Now all we need is a Blackwater TV series.

    Great site, btw.

    1. Thanks Jack!

      I'd love to see a Blackwater series.