Saturday, February 14, 2015

The World's Smartest 16-Year-Old

While working on Beetlejuice, Winona Ryder and Michael McDowell developed a friendship and began collaborating on at least one other project. In an interview he described her as "the world's smartest 16-year-old."

The annual Motion Picture Guide of 1990 mentions the collaboration between the two:

"Expanding her horizons, Ryder has collaborated with Beetlejuice screenwriter Michael McDowell on a romantic script about a girl who works in a bobby-pin factory."

A year later Film Monthly reports the completion of Ryder's first screenplay and gives us a quote from Ryder about the script: " 'a corny romance, almost a satire, about a girl who works in a bobby-pin factory, whose dreams come true,' - which she emphasises is purely coincidental to anything that's ever happened in real life."

. . . . . .

I wish I had more to report on this but I haven't come across anything else. Wouldn't it be great to have a picture of those two together?

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