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Frankenturkey - Sept 28, 1996

Bone Chillers was a children's horror book series by Betsy Haynes and adapted for television in 1996. The fourth episode, "Frankenturkey," was written by Michael McDowell along with Adam Rifkin.

Unlike Goosebumps which relied on a new cast each episode, Bone Chillers centered around a group of students at Edgar Allan Poe High School.

From USA Today:
ABC hopes Bone Chillers will be the next Goosebumps.
R.L. Stine's Goosebumps children's books were adapted into a series by Fox last fall, quickly becoming its highest-rated kids' show.
Producer Fred Silverman came across the Bone Chillers series of books by Betsy Haynes and thought it, too, had potential. (The former head of programming for ABC, CBS and NBC, Silverman got his start in children's TV in the 1970s.) He has sold it to ABC as a Saturday morning live action series for fall. 
"One of the books had four kids at a haunted high school," he says. "I figured that if we could produce a comedy horror show with continuing characters, we had the opportunity for a gargantuan-sized hit."
The show was not a gargantuan-sized hit like Goosebumps and only lasted twelve episodes.

Synopsis from the VHS release:

Fritz, Brian, Sarah and Lexi try to save a doomed Thanksgiving turkey by building a fake one, but when it gets struck by lightning...see everyone turn chicken!

VHS release (front)

VHS release (back)

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