Sunday, June 21, 2015

Senritsu no harouīn

Senritsu no harouīn aka Halloween Horrors

Edited by Alan Ryan

Tōkyō : Tokuma Shoten, 1987

Containing the Japanese translation of "Miss Mack"


  1. Love that cover!
    Great site you have here, Ryan. I only recently discovered McDowell, via 'The Elementals' - he's one of the authors from my favourite horror period that I'm catching up on.

    1. Hi Lincoln, and thanks for stopping by! Sorry for the late response. For some reason I'm not getting notifications on blog comments.

      Have you had a chance to check out any of his other works?


  2. Not yet. I have 'Cold Moon...' on my shelf, will get to it soon. I'm tossing up whether to order all of the VB reprints - only the shipping to Australia is holding me back.

    1. Most of the McDowell reprints are available through Book Depository which includes free-worldwide shipping. Hope that helps!

      Obviously, I recommend all of his books. If you're looking for something similar to The Elementals, try his Blackwater series (ebook only). If you're looking for something more on the horror side, The Amulet is my personal favorite. If you want to branch out to his other releases to include mystery, check out the Felony & Mayhem website. They're phenomenal!

  3. Thanks Ryan, forgot about Book Depository.
    Ended up ordering 'The Amulet' from someone in Australia, via ABE. Really keen to check out a VB book, you have a lot of titles that I'm interested in.

  4. The VB edition of 'The Amulet' arrived - great looking book!
    About 70 pages in, and absolutely loving it.

  5. Finished 'The Amulet', and thought it was superb. The writing is so enjoyable. Need to read 'Miss Mack', from the above antho, which I believe is also set in Pine Cone, Alabama?